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Silentnurse: Modified Twelve Year Old





Sorry, I couldn’t post this as a video for some reason. There was no ‘Submit’ button…


Submitter’s Comment: Okay, so I was lurking YouTube with the phrase ‘septum piercing’ since I’m getting one in a few days. During my hunt, I uncovered this… I just… I’m…

What a lot of rot!  When I was his age proper piercing equipment wasn’t readily available so we were always sticking safety pins through our ears and noses.  At least this kid is using proper equipment and jewellery.  People do things without worrying about the possible consequences all the time, otherwise no-one would ever get anything done.  SO what if his tunnels don’t fully close up if he wants to take them out when he’s older?  The vast majority of the generation above him have tattoos now so I’m thinking in say ten years from now when that kid leaves college and is looking for a job, most prospective employers will have tattoos and piercings themselves so why would they care.  All the piercings I ever had I either did myself or had a friend do for me (same goes for a lot of folk I know) and the worst that’s ever happened is a slightly wonky piercing.  Everybody does daft stuff when they’re young and there are a lot worse, life ruining needles he could be sticking in himself than piercings   

hahaha, exactly!!

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    What the fuck did I just watch? I know how addicting piercings can be but c’mon you’re 12. There is plenty of time for...
  2. sp00ky-shucks said: i started stretching my ears at 14. i am now 24 with 1 inch lobes. he is a large size for being only 12 but saying he’ll regret it because he started so young is wrong.
  3. rat-butt said: you shouldn’t make judgments. this kid probably knows more than you do about it. don’t police someone else’s body, even though you may be older than them. that’s just rude. maybe his parents are supportive.
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  5. uchihasasukesbutt said: I’ve tried telling this kid in the past to downsize and take out his piercings. He just calls me stupid and says I don’t know what I’m talking about.
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    hahaha, exactly!!
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  9. curryx said: it’s not awful just cause it’s your opinion. yes, self piercing is bad and he’s underage so it’s illegal, but having stretched lobes is nothing of both and only his decision and has nothing to do in a blog like this and your op. doesn’t belong here.
  10. sydnietheterrible said: Where are his parents??!?!?!? jesus fuck.
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    What a lot of rot! When I was his age proper piercing equipment wasn’t readily available so we were always sticking...
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  14. zombiecaptain said: I believe that your body belongs to YOU, no matter your age. Although, he really shouldn’t be piercing himself unsafely.
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